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Who we are

Uganda College of Health Sciences Bwindi (UCHSB). A dynamic training institution under Church of Uganda Bwindi Community Hospital.

UCHSB was established to train the next generation of health professionals that will address critical shortage of human resources for health in the region, and revolutionize healthcare for better health.


Health workers are inadequate in sub-Saharan Africa, and the burden of health care delivery in rural areas in Uganda normally falls to Clinical Officers as emergency and first responders. Less than 50% of the human resources for health work in rural areas and yet 87% of the population is rural. Clinical medicine and community health education program is very much needed in Kanungu and the rest of the Country. The proposed school of clinical medicine and community health in Kanungu district will be the second of its kind to serve in southwestern Uganda with a population of 1,500,000 people. Without scaling up of training the current low Ugandan population of 5,586 to one Clinical officer can only worsen as the population continues to grow.

Bwindi Community Hospital (BCH), with be the main practicum center where students will benefit from accumulated experience in health training. The hospital has a training wing, Uganda Nursing School Bwindi UCU affiliate (UNSB) offering diploma and certificate in midwifery and nursing. BCH has specialties in Gynecology & Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Child health, General surgery, Public health, and with Internal Medicine starting June this year. Other sub specialties include Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Mental health and dentistry. The school also has a well-furnished skills laboratory.


  • Excellent e-Learning and e-Library platforms convenient for students through use of smart boards, kindles and iPads.
  • Equipped student centered learning that facilitates students’ participation.
  • Students are taught by distinguished tutors from the best universities and placed at Bwindi Community Hospital, recognized seven times as the best hospital in uganda by UPMB.
  • Community engagement, students are attached to communities and other health facilities for internship and experience.
  • Latest technology skills laboratory with live simulations.
  • Wireless Internet covering whole campus 24/7.
  • ICT is a foundation course for every program.
  • Bwindi Community Hospital in collaboration with UNSB have ran the nursing program with excellent performances leading at national level, we are aware of what it takes to train excellent health workers through this experience.